What is Certified Human Resources Professional “CHRP” Certification?

CCLM Certified Human Resources Professional “CHRP” is a certification for professionals who demonstrate CHRP-Wknowledge, skills and competencies in human resources management as per the requirements of the Canadian College for Leadership & Management “CCLM”. CHRP’s are experts in sourcing, acquiring, interviewing, selecting, developing and retaining talent and human resources. They deploy various strategies to ensure organization best assets; human resources; are developed, maintained and motivated.

What are the key themes that the certification course covers?

The CHRP BoK comprises of various themes of knowledge and skills which a CHRP must demonstrate competency in. A CHRP:
  • Understands the fundamentals of human resources, talent interviewing, recruiting, orientation and retention.
  • Deploys effective recruiting strategies to select, interview, recruit, make offers and select candidates.
  • Plans effective orientation for new employees, setting expectations and ensures smooth transition.
  • Defines smart goals for employees, manages performance, and conduct assessments.
  • Develops plans to inspire, motivate and develop talent, while engaging, coaching and mentoring them.
  • Develops effective succession plans while considering organizational strategic objectives.
  • Is ethical, endorses and enforces ethical practices and respects people’s rights in workplaces.
  • Applies various motivational theories and practices to ensure people are motivated and encouraged to deliver.

Should you apply for CHRP certification?

If you are an HR officer or manager, recruiting agent, personnel manager or passionate about human resources, then, CHRP certification is for your. With CHRP, you earn the knowledge and get the status and recognition. Various people are pursuing CHRP certification, including, but not limited to:
  • HR Manager, officers and agents.
  • Personnel managers, officers
  • Training professionals, and talent development executives and managers and many more.

What is CHRP Certification Exam?

The certification exam tests your understanding of the certification body of knowledge. For the CHRP, the exam:
  • Has 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • Must be finished in 1.5 hours (90 minutes).
  • Pass mark is 60%.

What are the CHRP Eligibility Requirements?

As per the recent announcement by the Certification Board of CCLM, All CCLM certification exams are open to all candidates. The eligibility process has been eliminated. Read the announcement here. Examples of HR roles: HR Manager, HR officer, Recruiting Agent, Officer, Talent Manager, Personal Development Officer, HR Coordinator…etc.

How to schedule your exam?

  • Pay the certification exam fee.
  • Once payment is confirmed, you can schedule by logging to (My Account) in our website and click on (Schedule My Exam) to schedule your preferred date and time.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation for your exam date and time.
  • Once your scheduling request is confirmed, it can not be changed unless a separate request is received more than 30 days of the exam scheduled date.
  • If a rescheduling request is put less than 30 days of the scheduled exam date, a fee of US $70 applies.
  • All rescheduling requests must be sent to
  • On the scheduled exam date and 3 hours before the exam start date, you will receive the exam online link.
  • You will take the exam online at the specified date with online proctoring.

Are you looking for exam preparation courses?

Certification exams preparation courses are offered in traditional instructor-led classroom and online through Registered Partners or directly at CCLM.You can register for Self-Paced Training courses which can be taken anywhere and anytime for 180 days.

Do I need to renew my certification status?

Yes. Certified professionals have to maintain ‘active’ status of their certifications by renewing it every three years. Each certification has a number of recertification hours that must be met. As a CHRP, you have to demonstrate that you have 30 hours of professional experience in human resources management in a three year cycle.

How do I renew my certification?

  • Submit an online Recertification Application.
  • Pay the recertification fee.
  • Recertification fees are US $150 for non-members, and US $90 for members.

Are you still unsure?

Visit our FAQ section where you will find answers to most commonly and frequently asked questions, or contact us directly.