August 1st, 2017

In its effort to promote sound and solid professional practices and skills in leadership, management, strategy, executive assistance, sales, marketing and human resources, and on the same time, expedite the process of earning the CCLM prestigious certifications, the Certification Board at the Canadian College for Leadership & Management CCLM has decided to eliminate the Eligibility Process for all of its certification exams as of August 1st, 2017.

Therefore, candidates no longer need to submit an eligibility form before taking the exam. The eligibility process has been cancelled and now our exams are open for all candidates.

Candidates who plan to earn any of CCLM certifications may go ahead and:

  • Register for a course in our Self-Paced Training Courses.

  • Order the textbook from Amazon and study it.

  • Schedule and sit for the exam immediately.