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The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ is a leading management and leadership boutique, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. CCLM major focus is on improving and promoting best practices, applied theories, and techniques in leadership, management, strategy, sales, marketing, human resources and training and executive assistance to enhance people performance to create great organizations and sustainable growth.

CCLM and its partners believe that leadership and management is not only science; but also an art. It’s business artists who created great products and services in every industry and business around us; whether it is Apple and Steve Jobs, GE and Jack Welch, or Virgin and Richard Branson.

All of those are artists, business artists, who master the art of inspiring people, crafting great visions, drafting unique strategies, convincing everyone to buy in and support these visions, and eventually, to deliver sustainable and excellent results. It’s not the nitty-gritty details of a modelling language, a century old framework of something nor a specific template or mechanism that led those elite leaders to excel, it’s the art of motivation, people management, negotiation and many many more.

This is why, at CCLM, we merged between the art and science, while emphasizing more on the art, while we designed and developed our certifications. CCLM has developed with industry experts a set of leading certifications that will support its vision to promote corporate practices in leadership and management.

CCLM prestigious certifications are:

  • Certified Leadership Professional ‘CLP’
  • Certified Management Professional ‘CMP’
  • Certified Strategy Professional ‘CSP’
  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional ‘CSLP’
  • Certified Marketing Professional ‘CMKP’
  • Certified Executive Assistance Professional ‘CEAP’
  • Certified Talent Experience Professional ‘CTXP’
  • Certified Training Professional ‘CTP’
Global Recognition and Presence

Our Certified Professionals are from all over the globe

While Canada, USA and Europe remain our top markets, however, professionals from India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ghana, South Africa, Egypt and many more are part of our global certified professional base.


Frequently Asked questions ‘FAQ’

What is the pass mark for each certification?2023-07-24T21:54:41-04:00

Once you finish the courses, you will be prompted to pass a final exam at 60%. 

Can I claim education tax credit with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in Canada?2023-07-25T13:28:17-04:00

Yes, all CCLM certifications and exams have been approved by Employment and Social Development Canada for education tax credits. Students must keep a copy of the receipts they received once they pay for our courses or exams, for tax purposes.

Does OSAP cover the course or exam fees?2023-07-25T13:28:25-04:00

No. OSAP covers only academic courses, and our courses are professional and thus are not covered by OSAP.

What is the currency for the fees we are paying?2023-07-25T13:28:34-04:00

All certifications and all prices are in US Dollars

While CCLM is a Canadian organization, however our certifications are global and thousands of our students are international students, hence and as with the practice with many several organizations, we price our courses and exams in US dollars to make it easy on students to access and pay with the most universally used currency.

Real-life success stories

Certifications that deliver results to learners

“Great program. Online video series paired with the CMP book of knowledge was a great resource. Would recommend to new and future managers.”

Kyle VanPaemel – Canada

“The CEAP course was very intuitive, thorough and very well presented and very easy to follow. Slides are well prepared. The quiz questions at the end of each chapter were very helpful as it prepared me for the Exam. Course has great content and is very well constructed.”

Salima Greig – Canada

“The CLP course itself is of very high quality. I am talking about the visual appeal of all modules, the instructional design of the course, and the ability of the speakers to present the content. Another important aspect is, that the content of the CLP course is broad, and the exam at the end, is a way to prove that you meet the requirements of knowledge, skills, and competencies.”

Ing. Luigi F. Sille- Curaçao

“The CLP material is really sufficient and covers other aspects of leadership that are required for better strategic planning process. As for the exam, it is achievable and covers all the chapters. I do encourage all business professionals in the field to try it and get it!”

Basel Abu-Ali – UAE

“CLP” is the best choice as it covers all the aspects of leadership skills either professionally or personally.

It provides great insights regarding business acumen and other business relating topics in addition to some soft skills as body language interpretation, public speaking, personality traits, etc.”

Dr. Mohamed Ashraf – Egypt

“Having achieved the HR certification from Canadian College for Leadership and Management CCLM; promoted my individual growth as a HR professional by attaining further knowledge, skills and competencies essential in Human Resources Management.”

Christleel David – Kuwait

“The CTXP has provided me with great insights and knowledge that I need to better manage my resources and some of the great talent in the company. It’s a must have certificate for anyone in Human Resources and talent management”

Scott Johnson – Canada

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