Our Mission

CCLM major focus is on improving and promoting best practices, applied theories, and techniques in Leadership, Management, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources and Executive Assistance to enhance people’s performances to create great organizations, build high performing teams, and deliver sustainable results.


How To Become Certified?


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Certification Body Of Knowledge

Each certification has its own body of knowledge or textbook that defines the competencies and knowledge each certified professional has to master. You may visit each certification page or download their handbooks from below.

Certified Leadership Professional 'CLP'

Certified Management Professional 'CMP'

Certified Strategy Professional 'CSP'

Certified Executive Assistance Professional 'CEAP'

Certified Sales Professional 'CSLP'

Certified Marketing Professional 'CMKP'

Certified HR Professional 'CHRP'



Sar Vashi

I’m glad to pass the CSLP exam, and to learn the art and science of sales from a standard point of view. Thanks.

Sar Vashi India

Salman Hijazi

It’s so pleasant moment to become a certified professional CEAP by CCLM from Canada. The core benefit I’ve gained is the deep knowledge and practical techniques in my specific field. I’m really thankful for the great advice and guidance.

Salman Hijazi Saudi Arabia

Alan Smallwood

CMP textbook is the best and ultimate source for everything about successful management. Great to earn it.

Alan Smallwood USA


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