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Prestigious Certifications

Actualize your dreams!

Standout from the crowd!

Standout from the crowd!

CCLM certifications in Leadership and Management bring you the knowledge and skills to differentiate yourself and help you standout from the crowd.

Certifications for the Professionals!

Eight Certifications in Leadership & Management


Certified Leadership Professional CLP

If you are a go-getter, visionary, passionate about people management and making enterprise successes, then, CLP certification is for you.

Certified Management Professional CMP

If you are a new manager, middle manager, project manager, director or senior executive, then, CMP certification is for you.

Certified Strategy Professional CSP

If you are a strategy expert, product manager, Innovation manager, business analyst or enterprise architect, then, CSP certification is for you..

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Certification Registry

CCLM Certified Professionals and their employers can verify the status of certificates by searching our Certification Registry. Certified Professionals should maintain an “Active” status for their certificates and it shows in the registry. Always, keep your certificate status “Active”!

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Certified Sales Leadership Professional CSLP

If you are a sales person, business development, or interested in sales and revenue generating, then, CSLP certification is for you.


Certified Marketing Professional CMKP

If you are a marketing associate, advertising agent or passionate about marketing, then, CMKP certification is for you.


Certified Executive Assistance Professional CEAP

If you are a secretary, office manager, personal assistant or executive assistant, then, CEAP certification is for you.

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Our Study Guides (BoK) available on Amazon!


Knowledge to reach your goals.

Each Body of Knowledge ‘BoK’ explains the material you need to pass your exam, and reach your goals.

  • Each BoK has several chapters to explain the exam modules

  • Each chapter is supported by sample exam questions

  • You may also register for the online Self-Study course to enrich your learning and knowledge


Certified Talent Experience Professional CTXP

If you care about your organizational talent and how to retain and develop them, then, CTXP certification is for you.


Certified Training Professional CTP

If you are a training specialist, talent development manager, HR professional or passionate about human resources development, then, CTP certification is for you.


Discover all our 8 certifications

If you are not sure which certification suits you, discover all of them, read the course outline on our LMS and connect with us to help you!

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CCLM delivers in-person or virtual training courses for corporates and organizations around the world. Each course can be customized to fit your team schedule and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are here, check these frequently asked questions. For further details, visit our FAQ page.

What is the pass mark for each certification?2023-07-24T21:54:41-04:00

Once you finish the courses, you will be prompted to pass a final exam at 60%. 

Can I claim education tax credit with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in Canada?2023-07-25T13:28:17-04:00

Yes, all CCLM certifications and exams have been approved by Employment and Social Development Canada for education tax credits. Students must keep a copy of the receipts they received once they pay for our courses or exams, for tax purposes.

Does OSAP cover the course or exam fees?2023-07-25T13:28:25-04:00

No. OSAP covers only academic courses, and our courses are professional and thus are not covered by OSAP.

What is the currency for the fees we are paying?2023-07-25T13:28:34-04:00

All certifications and all prices are in US Dollars

While CCLM is a Canadian organization, however our certifications are global and thousands of our students are international students, hence and as with the practice with many several organizations, we price our courses and exams in US dollars to make it easy on students to access and pay with the most universally used currency.

Real-life success stories

CCLM Certified Professionals!


April 2023

Great program. Online video series paired with the CMP book of knowledge was a great resource. Would recommend to new and future managers.

Kyle VanPaemel - Canada


Oct 2022

“The course was very intuitive, thorough and very well presented and very easy to follow. Slides are well prepared. The quiz questions at the end of each chapter were very helpful as it prepared me for the Exam. Course has great content and is very well constructed.

I highly recommend this course for any Executive Assistants in the workplace. Definitely a great tool for all Executive Assistants to have under their belt. Getting certified in this course is a great achievement towards my goal to be the most efficient and empowering Executive Assistant.”

Salima Greig - Canada


May 2021

"As a CLP, you will not only improve your leadership skills personally and professionally, but you can also encourage, motivate and empower others to develop leadership skills inside of them. It’s not only about you; it’s about building others up too.

The CLP course itself is of very high quality. I am talking about the visual appeal of all modules, the instructional design of the course, and the ability of the speakers to present the content. Another important aspect is, that the content of the CLP course is broad, and the exam at the end, is a way to prove that you meet the requirements of knowledge, skills, and competencies.

I want to motivate everyone to follow this course; it will not only broaden your own mind, but also those around you."

Ing. Luigi F. Sille- Curaçao

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