If you are a go-getter, visionary, passionate about people management and making enterprise successes, then, CLP certification is for you.

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If you are a new manager, middle manager, project manager, director or senior executive, then, CMP certification is for you.


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If you are a strategy expert, product manager, Innovation manager, business analyst or enterprise architect, then, CSP certification is for you.


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If you are a secretary, office manager, personal assistant or executive assistant, then, CEAP certification is for you.



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If you are a sales person, business development, or interested in sales and revenue generating, then, CSLP certification is for you.



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If you are a marketing associate, advertising agent or passionate about marketing, then, CMKP certification is for you.



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If you care about your organizational talent and how to retain and develop them, then, CTXP certification is for you.



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If you are a training specialist, talent development manager, HR professional or passionate about human resources development, then, CTP certification is for you.

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As a CLP, you will not only improve your leadership skills personally and professionally, but you can also encourage, motivate and empower others to develop leadership skills inside of them. It’s not only about you; it’s about building others up too.  

The CLP course itself is of very high quality. I am talking about the visual appeal of all modules, the instructional design of the course, and the ability of the speakers to present the content. Another important aspect is, that the content of the CLP course is broad, and the exam at the end, is a way to prove that you meet the requirements of knowledge, skills, and competencies.

I want to motivate everyone to follow this course; it will not only broaden your own mind, but also those around you.

Ing. Luigi F. Sille/ Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation/ Curaçao / Certified Leadership Professional 'CLP' - May 2021

The material is really sufficient and covers other aspects of leadership that are required for better strategic planning process. As for the exam, it is achievable and covers all the chapters. I do encourage all business professionals in the field to try it and get it!

Basel Abu-Ali / UAE / Certified Strategy Professional 'CSP' - Jan 2021

I believe leadership skills can be acquired; they are not limited to specific people as some people might think. Accordingly, I was searching for an accredited certification to get the core knowledge of leadership skills.

“CLP” is the best choice as it covers all the aspects of leadership skills either professionally or personally.

It provides great insights regarding business acumen and other business relating topics in addition to some soft skills as body language interpretation, public speaking, personality traits, etc…

I believe all the topics are provided in smooth and interesting courses so I can get the most valuable information with the most attracting way.

I encourage everyone seeking to be a real leader to enrol in the program. It is really valuable. The preparation course is extremely interesting, so I recommend using it as a step to get the maximal benefit from the course before setting the exam.

Dr. Mohamed Ashraf / Egypt / Certified Leadership Professional 'CLP' - Sep 2020