Frequently Asked Questions ‘FAQs’

Frequently Asked Questions ‘FAQs’

Frequently Asked Questions ‘FAQs’2023-07-25T13:30:51-04:00
In this page, you will find answers to the frequently asked questions. If you could not find an answer to your questions, please reach out to us via the chat window on our website, or by email at
What are CCLM Certifications?2023-07-25T13:27:43-04:00

CCLM offers the following prestigious certifications:

  • Certified Leadership Professional ‘CLP’ 
  • Certified Management Professional ‘CMP’ 
  • Certified Strategy Professional ‘CSP’ 
  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional ‘CSLP’ 
  • Certified Marketing Professional ‘CMKP’ 
  • Certified Executive Assistance Professional ‘CEAP’ 
  • Certified Talent Experience Professional ‘CTXP’
  • Certified Training Professional ‘CTP’
What is the accreditation of your courses?2023-07-25T13:29:09-04:00

CCLM certifications are professional certifications that have been developed and approved by CCLM board of directors. Such certifications are not academic and hence do not require any third party or governmental approvals or accreditations.

Only CCLM in Canada is allowed to issue and award its certifications.

Do you provide academic degrees or courses?2023-07-25T13:28:03-04:00

No. All our certifications are professional certifications and not academic. Candidates who earn our certifications can not use them to pursue higher education degrees and can not use them as credit hours to join universities or any academic awarding organization.

What is LMS?2023-07-25T13:23:00-04:00

LMS stands for Learning Management System. At CCLM, we use LMS to run and publish our certification courses, exams and renewals. 

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive access to our LMS. This usually happens instantaneously for online payments.

How to contact CCLM?2023-07-24T21:57:05-04:00

You can write to us in any of the following:

By email:

or using the Chat window on our website.

by mail: 

PO Box 57053

Mississauga L5M 0M5

Ontario, Canada

Or you can call us at:

Globally: +1 647 5608760

 US/Canada (Toll Free): +1 855 866 6355

What is CCLM?2023-07-24T21:55:56-04:00

The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ is a leading management and leadership college, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

CCLM major focus is on improving and promoting best practices, applied theories, and techniques in leadership, management, strategy, sales, marketing, human resources and training and executive assistance to enhance people’s performances to create great organizations and sustainable growth.

CCLM and its partners believe that leadership and management is not only science; but also an art. It’s business artists who created great products and services in every industry and business around us; whether it is Apple and Steve Jobs, GE and Jack Welch, or Virgin and Richard Branson. All of those are artists, business artists, who master the art of inspiring people, crafting great visions, drafting unique strategies, convincing everyone to buy in and support these visions, and eventually, to deliver sustainable and excellent results. It’s not the nitty-gritty details of a modelling language, a century old framework of something nor a specific template or mechanism that led those elite leaders to excel, it’s the art of motivation, people management, negotiation and many many more.  This is why, at CCLM, we merged between the art and science, while emphasizing more on the art, while we designed and developed our certifications.

CCLM has developed with industry experts a set of leading certifications that will support its vision to promote corporate practices in leadership and management. CCLM prestigious certifications are:

  • Certified Leadership Professional ‘CLP’
  • Certified Management Professional ‘CMP’
  • Certified Strategy Professional ‘CSP’
  • Certified Sales Professional ‘CSLP’
  • Certified Marketing Professional ‘CMKP’
  • Certified Executive Assistance Professional ‘CEAP’
  • Certified Talent Experience Professional ‘CTXP’
  • Certified Training Professional ‘CTP’
I started the exam, can I finish it later?2023-07-24T22:13:10-04:00

No. Once you started the test, you have to finish it in one sitting. You can not save it and come back later.

I have completed studying, how do I access the exam?2023-07-24T22:12:43-04:00

If you have not registered for the Self-Study course, and once you complete studying for your certification exam, you can get instant access to the exam by visiting our new Learning Management System (LMS) at and paying the exam fees.

If you are enrolled in the Self-Study course, the exam is shown as the last module of the course and ready for you to write it.

How many questions are there in each exam?2023-07-24T22:10:29-04:00

Each certification exam has different number of questions:

  • CLP exam has 100 multiple choice questions
  • CMP exam has 100 multiple choice questions
  • CSP exam has 100 multiple choice questions
  • CEAP exam has 50 multiple choice questions
  • CSLP exam has 50 multiple choice questions
  • CMKP exam has 50 multiple choice questions
  • CTXP exam has 50 multiple choice questions
  • CTP exam has 50 multiple choice questions
What is the exam time limit?2023-07-24T22:09:51-04:00

Each certification exam has different duration:

  • CLP exam duration is 2 hours
  • CMP exam duration is 2 hours
  • CSP exam duration is 2 hours
  • CEAP exam duration is 1 hour
  • CSLP exam duration is 1 hour
  • CMKP exam duration is 1 hour
  • CTXP exam duration is 1 hour
  • CTP exam duration is 1 hour
I passed the exam, where is my certificate?2023-07-24T22:06:21-04:00

CCLM has transitioned to online-only certificate issuance. If you are writing your CCLM certification exam, and once you pass it, you will be prompted to download your certificate. The certificate is unique to you, with your name, unique and universal certificate number, and issuance date.

If you are attending any of other CCLM courses, you will also be able to download your certificate upon completion of the course.

What is the exam re-take fees?2023-07-24T22:05:01-04:00

If you fail any of CCLM Certification exams, you may retake it. There is a US $70 fee. Please email us at to re-enrol again.

How many times can I rewrite the exam?2023-07-24T22:04:24-04:00

You can rewrite the exam of each certification up to three times within your one-year period, subject to the retake exam fees. 

What is the eligibility criteria for the exams?2023-07-24T22:03:25-04:00

As per the 2017 announcement by the Certification Board of CCLM, All CCLM certification exams are open to all candidates. The eligibility process has been eliminated. Read the announcement here.

What is the pass mark for each certification?2023-07-24T21:54:41-04:00

Once you finish the courses, you will be prompted to pass a final exam at 60%. 

Do you offer discounts for military and veterans?2023-07-24T22:21:37-04:00

Yes, active and retired members of the Canadian law enforcements, military, paramedics, emergency agencies and alike do receive special discount on our courses and exams. Please contact us at to receive your discount code.

What is the refund policy?2023-07-24T22:20:50-04:00

Fees paid for the online Self-Study course, exams and renewals are final and non-refundable. To read the complete policy, kindly, refer to the Course Registration Policies here.

How can I make payment?2023-07-24T22:19:41-04:00

You can make payment using your credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Diners, directly on our website using Stripe; the leading payment processing company. We use the most advanced and security measures to process online transactions, and your credit card information is not stored in our site. 

I have registered for the exam, what is next?2023-07-25T13:24:02-04:00

Once you register for the exam at our Learning Management System (LMS) at, you will be given instant access to the exam, which you should complete it within 30 days. If this time passes, you will need to register for re-take attempt and pay the re-take fees.

I cannot complete the online course within the 90 days, Can I get an extension?2023-07-24T22:13:36-04:00

Our online courses have a 90 day limit so once the time elapses, then, students cannot access the course and its content, however, for students who wish to extend, they must enrol in a new course at 50% discount. This means, students will go thru the modules again. To access the 50% discount, students must contact the college at using the same name and email address they used the first time they registered in the course.

However, for students who have medical reasons, this fee is waived and will be enrolled in a new course without a fee for an additional 90 days.

This waiver is granted only once for students with a medical reason, and only once within a calendar year.

Do you offer credit hours to be used for my university education?2023-07-24T22:00:29-04:00

No. All our certifications are professional certifications and not academic. Candidates who earn our certifications can not use them to pursue higher education degrees and can not use them as credit hours to join universities or any academic awarding organization.

Can I claim education tax credit with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in Canada?2023-07-25T13:28:17-04:00

Yes, all CCLM certifications and exams have been approved by Employment and Social Development Canada for education tax credits. Students must keep a copy of the receipts they received once they pay for our courses or exams, for tax purposes.

Does OSAP cover the course or exam fees?2023-07-25T13:28:25-04:00

No. OSAP covers only academic courses, and our courses are professional and thus are not covered by OSAP.

What is the currency for the fees we are paying?2023-07-25T13:28:34-04:00

All certifications and all prices are in US Dollars

While CCLM is a Canadian organization, however our certifications are global and thousands of our students are international students, hence and as with the practice with many several organizations, we price our courses and exams in US dollars to make it easy on students to access and pay with the most universally used currency.

How do Registered Partners advertise their partnership with CCLM?2023-07-24T22:17:02-04:00

Registered Partners can advertise that they are Registered Partners with the Canadian College For Leadership & Management CCLM and to provide preparation courses for CCLM certifications.

Registered Partners must never provide false information, marketing or advertising to their clients or students, and must only related this partnership with provide training courses to prepare students for CCLM certifications.

Registered Partners are bound by the Registered Partnership Agreement, and can not use CCLM brand, name and/or logo to advertise or market other programs or training courses.

What are the fees for the Registered Partners and/or Accreditation?2023-07-24T22:16:19-04:00

The fees are updated regularly, therefore, Please contact us to learn about the most recent fees.

As of March, 2019, the fees are as follows:

  1. For Partners:
    1. One Time Setup Fee: US$250
    2. Annual Fee: US$2,500
  2. For Accreditations:
    1. One Time Setup Fee: US$7,500
    2. Annual Fee: US$3,250 per course (One Language, One Delivery Method)
      1. For additional language: US$1,500
      2. For additional delivery method: US$1,200
What are the registration requirements to become a registered partner?2023-07-24T22:15:37-04:00

Registered Partners must be:

    • A legal company or organization in their country.
    • Must provide a photocopy of a legal governmental-issued identification for their incorporation or registration.
    • Must pay the annual registration fee.
  • Must comply with the Registered Partnership agreement.
What is your accreditation program for companies?2023-07-24T22:14:49-04:00

The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ offers accrediation and certification services to your organization’s training courses.

The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ certifies training courses offered by third party providers and organizations in accordance with the Board’s Certification Agreement & Quality Policy. Clients willing to certify their training courses by the CCLM will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Certified by The Canadian College for Leadership & Management: Clients will have the right to announce to their audience that their training courses and materials have been reviewed, continuously audited by and hence certified by CCLM and in accordance to its standards and policies.
  • Use of CCLM Logo and Marketing Materials: Clients could opt to use the CCLM logo on their ‘Certificate of Completion’ and related Marketing Materials in accordance with the Certification Agreement.
  • Published on CCLM Website and Marketing Materials: Clients and their CCLM-certified courses will be published on CCLM website and Marketing Materials.
What is your partnership program?2023-07-24T22:14:12-04:00

Registered Partners are organizations who have been confirmed by the Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ to have the skills, knowledge and expertise and authorized to offer CCLM certifications to their customers. Registered Partners are qualified and audited on yearly basis, and CCLM conducts random qualify checks to confirm quality of education has been always outstanding and above candidates expectations.

Do the online courses work on both Mac and Windows PC’s?2023-07-24T22:25:23-04:00

Yes, our online courses will work on Windows and MAC PC’s and browsers; IE, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Can I attend the courses using my tablet?2023-07-24T22:25:41-04:00

Our courses are optimized for most recent tablets, like the iPad and Google Nexus. All courses run on HTML 5, and you do not need Adobe Flash to run them.

What is the minimum PC requirement to attend the online Self-Study courses or exams?2023-07-24T22:25:49-04:00

All modern computers that run modern Windows OS or Mac iOS are suitable, however, the minimum system recommendations are:

  • CPU: At least 2 Gigahertz (GHz) 
  • Memory: At least 2 Gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 
  • Operating System: Windows XP, 7 and 8, Mac OS X 10.7, iOS 6, Android 4 
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768 •
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6 • Browser 
  • Internet Connection for Audio Only: 512Kbps dedicated download.
  • Speaker

All our certifications course have audio, hence, you need to have good speaker and mic with good internet download speed to interact with the instructor.

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