What is Certified Training Professional “CTP” Certification?


Certified Training Professional “CTP” is a certification for professionals who demonstrate knowledge, skills and competencies in training and development as per the requirements of the Canadian College for Leadership & Management “CCLM”.

CTP’s are excellent talent development experts who ensure the right ROI is maintained for every training activity. They are unique facilitators, who present outstandingly and exhibit excellent public speaking skills.

What is the CTP Certification Body of Knowledge?

The CTP BoK comprises of various themes of knowledge and skills which a CTP must demonstrate competency in. A CTP:

  • Understands basics of training and talent development. They train trainers and prepare them to deliver unique and outstanding training experiences full of interaction and activities.
  • Measures and assess training effectiveness using various techniques and tools before, during and after training is delivered.
  • Is excellent facilitator, facilitate training sessions and use various tools to handle difficult sessions, people and group dynamics.
  • Delivers outstanding presentations, communicates effectively, and uses vibrant videos and audios.
  • Is public speaker and understands how to speak with confidence and manages audience.
  • Masters their gestures and facial expressions and monitor their body language for effective communication.
  • Is ethical, endorses and enforces ethical practices and respects people’s rights in workplaces.

Should you apply for CTP certification?

If you are a training specialist, trainer, talent development manager, HR professional or passionate about human resources development and training, then, CTP certification is for you. With CTP, you earn the knowledge and get the status and recognition.

Various people are pursuing CTP certification, including, but not limited to:

  • Training managers and executives.
  • HR professionals and recruiters.
  • Talent Development Managers, Training officers.
  • HR managers, recruiters and many more.

What is CTP Certification Exam?

The certification exam tests your understanding of the certification body of knowledge. For the CTP, the exam:

  • Has 50 multiple-choice questions.
  • Must be finished in 1 hour (60 minutes) – as of Sep 12, 2020.
  • Pass mark is 60%.
  • The exam fees are US$225 and are paid online on our Learning Management System (LMS).
  • You will get instant access to the exam after making the payment.
  • All our fees are in US dollars!

What are the CTP Eligibility Requirements?

As per the announcement by the Certification Board of CCLM, All CCLM certification exams are open to all candidates. The eligibility process has been eliminated. Read the announcement here.

How to apply?

The application process is very simple.

  • Attend the Self-Study Course OR study the textbook.
  • Register and pay the examination fee [If you select the Self-Study Course, the exam fee is already included in the course fee]
  • Write and pass your test.

How to schedule your exam?

  • Once you pay for your exam on our Learning Management System (LMS), you will get instant access to the exam. This access cannot be rescheduled and is valid for 30 days.
  • If a rescheduling request is required and put less than 30 days of the scheduled exam date, a fee of US $70 applies.
  • All rescheduling requests must be sent to

Are you looking for exam preparation courses?

Certification exam preparation courses are offered in traditional instructor-led classroom and online through Registered Partners or directly at CCLM.You can register for Self-Study Training courses which can be taken anywhere and anytime for 90 days. The course fees are US$690.

The CTP Self-Study Training Course can be registered online following this link. The course includes the video material, sample questions and the official CTP exam; all in one package.

Do I need to renew my certification status?

Yes. Certified professionals have to maintain ‘Active‘ status of their certifications by renewing it every three years and prior to its expiry date. Once the certification passes its expiry date, it will show as ”Suspended” in the Certification Registry, and this status remains for 3 months. This would be the last chance to renew the certification without writing the exam again. If the 3 month period elapses, the certification becomes “Expired” and you must write the exam again to earn the certification.

As a CTP, you have to fill an online form on our Learning Management System ‘LMS’, pay the renewal fee, and you will receive your renewed certification.

How do I renew my certification?

  • Submit an online Recertification Form.
  • Pay the recertification fee.
  • Recertification fees are US $150 for the 3 year certification cycle.

Are you still unsure?

Visit our FAQ section where you will find answers to most commonly and frequently asked questions, or contact us directly.