Jim Stengel wrote in his book “Grow”; “You must become an excellent communicator, because communication is the foundation of relationships, and great relationships drive business growth. And to state the obvious, this is more important than ever in a world of fast-response, always-on social media”.

Today’s marketing professionals need not only to master the type of message being delivered; they need also to understand the audience; their liked and dislikes; their demographics and tailor their messages accordingly. This sounds an old school. What is the new thing in here! Well; it’s what Stengel mentioned; communication is relationship. What matter most is an honest; direct communication that fits my need; the customer need and demonstrates in very simple words how I could make a service works better; or why someone purchases a product. The marketing message must be based on a connection; pretty much personal with the customer; and not just a one time flyer or commercial ad.

Paul Revere realized this important fact back in 1700’s, when he’s ridden to Boston in Massachusetts to warn the American militia’s of the invading British forces. Since then, he has been regarded as one of the patriots and heroes of the American revolution. On the other side, Williams Dawes has also ridden to Boston to do the same thing and carry the same message. The difference is that Revere knew which doors to knock, and he was known to the people and leaders of the militia, unlike Dawes. Despite the fact that both carried the same piece of information; it’s Revere name that had all the glory and is remembered in the American history. Eventually; “It’s not just the information or the ideas you have as a leader that make a difference; It’s also whom you know, and how many you know and what they know about you”. This sits at the top of must-do list of any successful marketing professional.

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