The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ offers accrediation and certification services to your organization’s training courses.

The Canadian College for Leadership & Management ‘CCLM’ certifies training courses offered by third party providers and organizations in accordance with the Board’s Certification Agreement & Quality Policy. Clients willing to certify their training courses by the CCLM will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Certified by The Canadian College for Leadership & Management: Clients will have the right to announce to their audience that their training courses and materials have been reviewed, continuously audited by and hence certified by CCLM and in accordance to its standards and policies.
  • Use of CCLM Logo and Marketing Materials: Clients could opt to use the CCLM logo on their ‘Certificate of Completion’ and related Marketing Materials in accordance with the Certification Agreement.
  • Published on CCLM Website and Marketing Materials: Clients and their CCLM-certified courses will be published on CCLM website and Marketing Materials.